We Are Professional Drivers
Doing Our Job In One Of The Most Beautiful Place In The World.

Blu Transfer Service.

We Love Our Job.
We Love Our Places.

We are definitely lucky and happy drivers because we work in the most
beautiful places in Italy.

Naples, Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi Coast, Pompeii.

We know everything about our places and we are ready to create for you an unique experience, driving you to most amazing places of our coast. 

With Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day). 

Most Of All We
Love Our Customers

Our mission is create a remarkable customer experience, allowing a comfortable, fast, cheap and safe travel – wherever you want to go.

We want to make your journey in Southern Italy even more priceless.

Here’s what they say about us. 

About Us

Blu Transfer is a transfer company born in Naples in 2009. In the last 9 years we are one of the  

Passion in customer care. Precision.Honesty and excellence are the values that make the success of Blu Transfer Service.

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